The History Of Devon Days

When the town first started up the Imperial Oil Company organized an Oilman’s Show every summer with tents and displays.  By the 50’s the company had added a small fair with rides and a Ferris wheel.  It had become a gathering that everyone would meet on the street and talk often ending up at the pagoda for a dance.  In the mid 50’s they added a parade.  In 1965 they ran a contest to name the event, Bob McDonald remembers that he had just moved hear shortly before and the town he was from had a “Jamboree”.  Jim Hartmann took in this idea and won the name contest with Devonian Jamboree.  This stayed the same for a few years but by 1967 it was changed to “Devon Days”. 

Several years later there was a committee put together mainly of housewives to organize the event.  By 1983 the committee became a society and were then named the Devon Exhibition Association.  DEXA LogoIn the many years that followed they kept many events like the dance on Saturday night and the parade but added quite a few as well.  The Carnival became quite a bit larger and the Saturday oilman’s show became the main street events with such things as a market place, hypnotists, and face painters.  They added a few days and had a kick off bar b que on the Wednesday.  In the early 90’s Devon Days won the best rural fireworks in Alberta. In about 1997 they added a fashion show for the women.  In 2005 the committee became known as DEXA and continues every year to date.

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